Smith Farm And Garden - Blower Woes

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I took a echo blower in to smith farm and garden to get it looked at, it was overheating and turning itself off.They where more than happy to take a look at it.

Well now I know why. They charged me, 30 bucks just to look at it and tell me it was broke. I was supposed to be under warranty. Well it had a lube problem and was not covered by the warranty they told me, charged me 30 bucks just to give me a estimate.

I was willing to pay it to get my blower back, since I needed it and it still worked. Well I went to pick it up and it was in pieces in a bag. They told me it would be another 30 bucks to put it back together. I talked to the manager who basically told me their was nothing he could or would do about it.

He did bother to tell me that if I decided to buy another blower from them, they would just take the 30 bucks off a new blower. So now I am without a blower, not only that I am out 30 bucks and have a bag o engine. This place is a rip off. Did I mention that I had given them money for a new lawn mower, *** eater and edger?

Worst place ever.You have been warned.

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